Frequently Asked Questions

All your burning questions answered!

How do your plans work?

Step 1: Hit subscribe to get started. You can change your subscription at anytime.

Step 2: Create your account. You can also update your information at anytime.

Step 3: Get a gorgeous new watch delivered to your door each month!

Do I get to keep everything?

Yup. Everything is yours to keep forever! No strings attached.

Do I get to pick my watches?

Our fashionistas do the work for you! Part of the fun is discovering new styles and trends we think you'll love. 

Are the watches high quality?

Absolutely. We partner with watch makers around the world (many of which are up and coming brands) to bring you on-trend, quality styles at affordable prices. Our watches generally use Japanese quartz, stainless steel, real leather and other quality materials. Because we're buying for all our members, we get great volume pricing from our partners which we then pass on to you.

Does everyone get the same watches every month?

Oh gosh no! The pieces selected for you every month will be based on the selections we have available. This is why we source and stock many different styles every month.

When do I get my box?

We ship out boxes by the 4th of each month based on the orders received up to the last day of the previous month. So for example, if you're signing up anytime before the last day of this month, you'll get your box shipped out next month by the 4th. Then going forward, we'll ship out each your subsequent boxes by the 4th of every month.

But if you'd rather not wait to receive your first box, just email us at and we'll usually get it shipped out the next business day depending on stock availability!

When will my subscription renew?

Subscriptions automatically renew on the 11th of each month.

How much is shipping and where do you deliver?

Shipping is free virtually anywhere in the U.S.  We charge a low flat-rate of $13.95 for Canada and for most international locations.

What if I don't like my watch?

We go through hundreds of options in ensuring the items we choose are things we ourselves would wear! And your style profile helps to make sure that you only get watches you'll love. However, we do not accept returns based on personal preferences. If one month you receive some things you don't like as much, shoot us a note telling us why you didn't like it and we'll keep it in mind when picking for you next month.

My box has a defective/damaged item

All our watches are tested and inspected to ensure they work before each shipment but if for some reason your watch isn't working or is damaged, we'll replace it free of charge. Just send us a few pics of the issue. 

Can I freeze my membership or skip a month?

Sure! Just log into your WristBabe account or email us at and let us know when you'd like to resume.

How do I cancel my membership?

Easy! Log into your WristBabe account online or email us at and we'll cancel your membership and send you any shipments you've already paid for in accordance with our regular shipment schedule.

Have another question we haven't answered? Shoot us an email at or view our Terms and Conditions page