It's About Time Ladies

Let's face it, the watch industry has traditionally focused on the fellas! Many ladies' watches are just smaller versions of men's watch designs with exaggerated, tacky bejewelling or ultra cheap, toy like materials- *rolls eyes* as if that's what a girl needs. Women simply wear watches differently, and somehow this has been missed. 

We want options so we can match any outfit, occasion and mood while still being practical. We want our accessories to be on-trend and showcase our unique style without breaking the bank. We want quality pieces we can wear time and time again that will stand-up to our busy lifestyles. 

And so WRISTBABE was born. We've set off on a mission to provide high-quality, affordable, and on-trend watches for the modern, fashion-savvy women. We're working with watch makers that get it, and literally evaluate hundreds of designs in selecting the ones that make the cut. 

That's our promise and we hope to play a part in helping you express yourself and be you through fashion.